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Next Meeting Tuesday October 28, 7PM BOD,  7:30 PM  Meeting


Nauset Rod and Gun Club has been sending out regular email notices about club events, range closures, and other news items.  If you are a member of the club and you have not been receiving any notices, it is likely because we either do not have your email address or we have an incorrect one.  If you would like to receive club notices please email the club at and include your full name and email address and we will add you to the list. Please only do so if you are a member and you've not been receiving notices in the July-October period.


Nauset Rod and Gun Club would like to inform you of  upcoming events.

  On Saturday, October 25, Nauset Rod and Gun Club will be sponsoring a "Women on Target" instructional event.  This event is open to women ages 16 and older.  Attendees will learn about firearm safety and proper shooting fundamentals in a non-competitive relaxed atmosphere.  Attendees will also participate in a seminar on Massachusetts firearms law, and will receive a Massachusetts Basic Firearm Safety certificate allowing them to apply for a Firearms Identification Card or Class "A" or "B" License to Carry Firearms.  No previous firearms experience or any equipment is needed to participate.  The participation fee is $75 which includes rifle, pistol, and shotgun instruction.  Lunch and all ammunition is also included.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating, please contact Craig Poosikian at (508) 240-2345 for timing and details.  This event typically requires that the entire range be closed from 12:00 pm (noon) until approximately 4 pm on that day.

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2 Gun Match

Shotgun and Pistol

Sunday, October 19, 2014  9 AM

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Basic Firearm Safety Class

 Saturday, November 1, 2014.  Class start time is 8AM and will include classroom time in the morning and written test with the shooting portion to follow.  Cost is $100 cash, payable at my office.  Registration by Tuesday October 28th.  The class will cover safe gun handling, Mass Gun Law and live fire.  On successful completion students will have the certificate they need to apply for the Mass LTC.  Students should dress appropriately for the weather as they will be outside for approximately one hour.  There is no break so bring lunch, snacks and drinks with you.  Class should be done by early afternoon.  Call 508-255-8686 to register


Masonic Charity Shoot

Saturday, Nov 1    Registration and Instruction 8AM, Everyone must be registered by 9AM

Call Mike Ryan for details 508-737-4217


If you are a Firearms safety Instructor and a member of the club and would like to use the club for training, you must fill out an Instructors form and mail it in.

Click here for form


Action Shoot 6/15/14 results click here



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The club has M1 Garands and Kimber bolt action 22's to loan to members and guests. If you would like to shoot any of these club guns, contact Club Armoror Keith Brazil at 508 349 1827 or Executive Officer Craig Poosikian at 508-240-2345 to reserve. They are usually there Saturdays and Sundays. Ammo is available for both guns for purchase, but use of the guns is free. If you've never shot a US Military gun, you are in for a real treat. Come try it out at the Rifle Range.



Welcome to Nauset Rod & Gun Club

              Established in 1947 NR&G has been a place for all members, and guests of members to come and enjoy our facilities. We meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month,  September through June at 7:30 PM at the clubhouse. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings. If you would like to join our club, please use the "How to Join" Link at left.

     If you would like to see what we are all about, come and visit with us. There is always someone at the range on Sundays (weather permitting) from 9AM to noon, so just come on down and check us out.

     If you need more information, please call our club President Randy Gifford %9508) 789-5312, or use the E-Mail link at the bottom of the page.



Action Shoots are now the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Except July and August



Please !!!! Please !!!!

Pick up your own trash, put it into the garbage cans, and when the cans are full;


This applies to all ranges

Also, no shooting of Spray Foam Cans on any range. Severe penalties will be assessed !!



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The club is now offering a training program for its members on the Fundamentals of Marksmanship. Learn how to actually hit what you’re aiming at by attending a class conducted by a professional firearms instructor with over 35 years firearms training experience. The course is being taught by Rich Rosenthal, retired chief of the Wellfleet Police Department, who served as a sergeant and lieutenant in the NYPD’s Firearms and Tactics Section. Rich conducted, among other things, that department’s Police Firearms Instructors Training School. The training he will be giving members for this program will cover:


Ø     Sight Picture:       What should you be focusing on? Which is your master eye and what if your master eye and your dominate hand are different?

Ø     Trigger Control:  What happens when you slap, jerk or yank on the trigger? What are some proper trigger control techniques and how are they mastered?

Ø     Proper Grip:        How do you properly hold your revolver, pistol, either one or both types?

Ø     Stance:                Of the various shooting stances out there, which is the best for you?

Ø     Breath Control:    Is it important? Why and when?


Cost for this training is $100, checks made out to the Nauset Rod and Gun Club. Bring your handgun. If that’s an issue, let Rich know and he can bring a few “loaners” (.38 special caliber or .22 long rifle caliber). You’ll also need some factory ammo (around 100 rounds) plus safety equipment (“eyes and ears”).

  Sign up by contacting Rich, @




We now have T-shirts as well as other merchandise  available Click for more info

Also Shotgun and fishing logos as well

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