Action Pistol Match November 24th. 2016

Action Pistol Match November 24th. 2019
For more information or to register for the match use the link below.
The match cost for pre-registered shooters is $10 payable at check-in before the match.
Eyes and ears mandatory for everyone. 
Number and quality of stages depends on setup help, generally three stages Round count varies bring plenty of ammo. Hit factor scoring. 
 Set up is at 8am
Checkin is 8:15-8:45am
Shooters meeting at 8:45am
First shots at 9am

Registering allows the Match staff to know how many competitors to expect, communicate information to shooters such as changes and weather cancelations fast and efficiently by email through Practiscore. 

Also, a huge time saver for the volunteer staff is the fact that the scoring device downloads all shooters info that they signed up with so names, emails, member numbers, and division info are all correct and are entered into the device automatically

  Match scores can be found HERE 

Practiscore now requires a free account with them to sign up for matches.