Shooting steel

Shooting steel is fun!  Hearing that ping when you hit what you are aiming for is very satisfying immediate positive feedback.  Some steel targets fall when you hit them.  Others will set the prop in motion by twirling or swinging.  And now you have to hit a moving target!! Honing your shooting skills using steel targets is a ton of fun.  Having said that, there are safety rules that need to be followed to shoot steel safely.  One of the best ways to get familiar with those rules is to attend (and participate in!) an Action Shooting Match. Talk to the Range Officers and experienced competitors to get tips and understand safe distances and calibers to use on the steel.  With making steel more accessible to club members in mind, the club recently purchased steel plates used in Steel Challenge matches.  And we voted at the last Board meeting to become an official Steel Challenge club.  These Steel Challenge Matches are very low key.  They involve little to no movement on the part of the shooter and allow 22 caliber handguns and rifles.  This is a great way to get your  kids involved in shooting.  

In addition to these Steel Challenge Matches we will be having casual steel shooting days where a Range Officer will be present to help set up steel targets for members to shoot.  More information will be coming through this blog and the Board.  Remember, be safe and shoot straight!