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Club Members and Guests Have a Great Day

The weather cooperated and helped make it a fantastic day to be hanging around with friends, both old and new, at the Action Pistol Match today.  T...

Shooting steel

Shooting steel

Shooting steel is fun!  Hearing that ping when you hit what you are aiming for is very satisfying immediate positive feedback.  Some steel target...

Check this out! A great article on scoring in USPSA matches.

  Our resident Practiscore wizard, Jon, suggested this article was worth reading to get familiar with scoring.  (And a major nod to Mandy who fiddl...

May 28th match

May 28th match

The RO (Range Officer) with a timer follows the competitor through the stage.

May 28, 2017 Action Shoot--Fun was had by all!

May 28, 2017  Action Shoot--Fun was had by all!

Another fun Sunday on the Action Shooting Ranges!  Four stages were shot by 12 competitors.  We have one more scheduled match for the season before...