ITHACA Model 37 Deerslayer, 20 Gauge -- SOLD

ITHACA Model 37 Deerslayer, 20 Gauge

The shotgun is an Ithaca Model 37 pump action Deerslayer chambered for 20 gauge shells. It is in near mint condition and has two barrels, one short barrel for deer slugs; the other a longer bird barrel.   With both barrels, I believe that 350 is a fair price and that’s what I’m asking. The receiver has some nice engraving and the stock is beautifully checkered. It’s a fine specimen. 

This shotgun was purchased in either 1969 or 1970 and has almost never been used. its condition speaks for itself. 

I’m listing this now on the club website. If you’re interested, you can contact me at the email address below. 

Paperwork for purchase requires that you have a current FID or LTC and pin number. 

Stuart Ewen or