We hope all of you are well and are practicing the recommended safeguards to avoid the Coronavirus.  Nauset Rod and Gun Club realizes that many venues have been closed and that recreational options are limited.  We also understand that getting outdoors in fresh air and sunshine is very healthy and may boost the immune system.  For this reason, the club and its ranges will largely remain open with the following very important guidelines that must be followed.
1. All organized club activities have been suspended.  This includes:
a. All training classes
b. All community outreach events
c. All scheduled action shooting events
d. All scheduled or reoccurring shotgun events
e. All regular or special membership or committee meetings
2. Access to the club now has the following restrictions:
a. Access to the clubhouse is now restricted to emergency access only such as to access the emergency medical supplies and equipment.
b. Club equipment to include the shotgun buildings and throwers and the steel items in the steel shed are to be secured until these measures are no longer needed.  This is to prevent contamination and the requirement for expensive sanitizing.
3. Members must follow the following instructions:
a. Members will provide and use sanitizing wipes to cleanse and sanitize the lock and the gate both upon arriving and departing.  Do NOT apply sprays directly to the lock to prevent damage to the inner mechanisms.  Sanitizing sprays may be used on surfaces other than the locks.
b. Members are to maintain a distance of at least six feet from others at all times.
c. Members are to sanitize the areas they have utilized including door knobs, counters, shooting blocks, chairs, stools, etc.
The club will be monitored for compliance.  If members fail to comply the club will have to close completely.
Thank you all for your attention to these temporary regulations and for your compliance with them.