Nauset Artic Sniper Match Scheduled for March 19th – Canceled

Unfortunately, the Arctic Sniper Shoot scheduled for Sunday March 19th has been cancelled.

Come join your fellow shooters in a fun precision day of cold weather shooting (if the weather is cold). The match will have two classes of center fire rifles, bolt rifles in one class and semiautos in another class.

Here are the details for the match

  • All rifles not in use will have the magazines removed, chamber flags, and be in a rack or pointed down range in front of the firing line. Fingers off of the trigger unless firing.
  • Rifles when moved down range must be in a bag or case or carried muzzle up or down with a chamber flag
  • If there is movement on a barricade, or other prop, for bolt guns the bolt must be back and semi autos will be put on safe and the shooter must call out safe.
  • No cartridges larger than 308 Winchester
  • The targets will be bulls eye, cards, or steel plates and the ranges will be 100 yards or 200 yards.
  • The match will have a round count of not greater than 50 rounds
  • Artic cameo not required
  • Sign up will start at 8:30 in the club house, each shooter will have a letter assigned for the targets to be shot
  • Limit of 20 shooters
  • The match fee will be $20.00

Please Email Larry Baker to sign up and reserve your spot or if you have any questions.