Mike Hackworth Wins 1st Club Trap Championship

1st Trap Champion Mike Hackwork (center) with Chris Ramel (Right) and Garner LeStage (Left)

The first annual Club Trap Championship was held on October 9th and a good time was had by all on a beautify Sunday morning.

Thirteen Club members competed by shooting three rounds of clays for a total of 75 possible points. Three participants tied for first play with 61 points and participated in a shoot-off to determine the order of top finishers.

Here are the results:

Mike Hackworth (61 points) – 1st Place – 2022 Club Champion

Chris Ramel (61 points) – 2nd Place

Garner LeStage (61 points) – 3rd Place

Jeff Norgeot (59 points)

Dean Knight (53 points)

Curt Montgomery (53 points)

Bill Rice (51 points)

Lee Kaisner (40 points)

Vic Verdina (39 points)

Darwin Soder (38 points)

Greg Wade (32 points)

Patrick Winckler (30 points)

Chris Ramel also was recognized for shooting the longest run with 26 consecutive hit.

The event was rescheduled from October 2nd because of weather.

The 2023 Club Trap Championship is tentatively scheduled for October 1, 2023.