Member Handbook



Welcome to Nauset Rod and Gun Club; we are glad to have you as a member.  For your convenience, and for the safety of all, we want to provide you with this Guide to assist in orienting you as a new member of the Club.

Main Gate

The Club is accessed through the main gate on Cartwright Path, off Oakleaf Road.  The main gate is to be kept locked at all times other than Sunday mornings from 9:00a to 11:00 when the Club is open to the public for skeet shooting. When you arrive to use Club facilities unlock the gate using your key, pass through the gate, and close and lock the gate before proceeding to the parking area.

Club House

The Club House is available to members every day of the year.  The key used to unlock the main gate also provides access to the Club House.  Importantly from a safety perspective, the Club House has an automatic external defibrillator (AED) for use in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.  The AED is located on the right wall of the Club House when entering the front door.  Heating for the Club House is controlled by the thermostat located on the post mid-room.  If you turn on the heat in the Club House, please return it to the initial set-point upon your departure.  In addition to restrooms, the Club House offers some paper targets in the basement.

Range #1—25-Yard Target Range

The 25-Yard Target Range is open at all times to all members.  Backers are permanently installed downrange, and paper targets are used for bulls-eye shooting.  Members should bring thumbtacks or a stapler to secure targets.  Please do not place anything on top of backers as they are made of wood and are easily destroyed.

Range rules are posted on a sign on the right side of the range.  If, when you arrive to shoot at the 25-yard range, no one is using it, be certain to close the red security gate at the right end of the shooting line.  In the event the range in use when you arrive (allow current shooters to finish their cycle before requesting time to hang a target of your own.)  Be certain to leave the red security gate open while in the range area, closing it upon your return to the shooting line].  DO NOT handle any firearms for any reason if people are forward of the firing line.  Wait until the range is clear and the red gate closed before handling your firearms.  This includes loading etc.

Range #2—Action shooting range

This range is used for action shooting and shooting at various distances at Club approved targets.  This range is open for use by all members except during times of organized shooting events and the setup time prior to those events.

Range #3—Larry Baker Range

This range is used for organized events such as training and competition.  It is not open for general club use at this time.  This will change in the future. Please check the range for current signag


The Pit is an open pit for action shots and reactive targets.  This area is used for organized shoots and requires the presence of a Range Safety Officer to be used.

100-Yard CMP Rifle Range

Nauset Rod and Gun Club is a Civilian Marksmanship Program-sanctioned club, and hosts several CMP shoots a year.  We have two rifle ranges, one of 100-yards and one of 200-yards.  Club Rifle Shoots are held on the third Sunday of the month, weather permitting.  When using the 100-yard rifle range please observe the posted range rules.  Prior to going live on this range you must close the gate to the right of the 100 yard pavilion to prevent anyone from accessing the road while there is active shooting on this range. Please do not place targets in the middle of the range.  Targets must be at the berm by the target backers.  Please bring your own paper targets and fasteners and have a go at it!

Please call Range Officer Scott Brookshire on 508-240-3556 with questions.

200-Yard CMP Rifle Range

The red security gate on the roadway immediately to the right of the 200-yard shooting line must be closed at all times when using the range.  It is permissible to drive or walk to the berm at the west end of the 200/100-yard ranges to post targets, although the gate must remain open while down-range. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY TO ENSURE THE RANGE IS CLEAR BEFORE FIRING.

The 200-yard range is reserved on the 1st Saturday of each month from 9:00a until 12:00p.  During this time ALL ranges inside the 200-yard perimeter, including the Pit, Range 2, Larry Baker Range, and the 100-yard range will be closed.  Range 1, Skeet, and Hunters Clays will remain open.  If no one is using the 200-yard range on the reserved day by 11:00a, the security gate can be opened and the other ranges can be used.

Hunters’ Clays Shotgun Range

Hunters’ Clay shoots are held on Sundays beginning at 9:00a.  There is a $15 fee per round, which includes ammunition, for members and a $17 per round fee for non-members.  If you are bringing your own ammunition, it must be steel shot no larger than Number 7.  By bringing your own ammunition a single round of clays (25) costs $5 for members and $7 for non-members.

Members are welcome to use the shotgun range on other days of the week {but must provide their own clays, ammunition and clay-throwing device].

Please contact Hunters’ Clays Range Officer John Ferro on 508.737.7002 for additional information.

Skeet and Shotgun Ranges

Nauset Rod and Gun Club has a full skeet field. Skeet shoots are also held on Sundays from 9:00. to 11:30a.  There is a $15 fee per round, including ammunition, for members and a $17 per round fee for non-members.  If you are bringing your own ammunition, it must be steel shot no larger than Number 7.  By bringing your own ammunition a single round of skeet (25) costs $5 for members and $7 for non-members.

Please contact Skeet Range Officer Mike Hackworth on 508.246-73-90 for additional information.

We welcome you as a new member of Nauset Rod and Gun Club, and look forward to your active and safe participation in Club activities.