Steel Challenge Match Sunday 6/12/22

An unofficial Steel Challenge Match will be held June 12, 2022 at Nauset Rod and Gun Club. While there is an official Steel Challenge that we occasionally host at NRGC, the unofficial match results are not sent to the official organization so there is not any pressure.

Steel Challenge is a fun, safe venue to learn the rules of shooting steel targets.  This is static shooting with no movement while on the firing line.  It can be shot with any pistol caliber firearm and does not require the participant to draw from a holster or use magazine pouches.  There is a table at the firing line for competitors to place their loaded magazines and to bag/unbag their firearm.  There are usually 4-5stages, each consisting of 5 steel targets.  Each person shoots each stage 5x in a row.  This means each competitor  needs  5 magazines or speed loaders, loaded, when it is their turn to shoot a stage. To shoot a 5 stage match a minimum of 150 rounds is suggested. (This gives you a few extra for the occasional miss!)

A range officer will be beside you through each round of shooting to give the range commands and keep the range safe.  As with any match, all guns are kept unloaded at all times until the range officer directs you to load your firearm.  You MUST be present  for the safety walk through which happens promptly at 9:30a.m.  You must be ready to shoot prior to the safety walk through.

Come out and have some fun!! This event is open to the public.